Fixed Rate Review

A simple call to one of the team will ensure your lending is designed for your individual needs.

The structure of your mortgage and the interest rates are the critical factors in determining how much you pay over the long term.

There are many options:

  • Should you leave your mortgage on a floating rate, have a revolving credit account; use a fixed rate, a capped rate or an offset mortgage?  Maybe you would be better with a combination of these.
  • How do you know your bank is offering you the best interest rates?  Are they prepared to match the other banks lower interest rates, or should you refinance your mortgage with another bank?
  • Does your mortgage accommodate the changes to your income, your more recent needs and can you consolidate your other more expensive debt?

Having a range of options can help ensure that you get a mortgage to suit, but it can also be confusing. That is where a mortgage adviser can help.

A mortgage adviser can also ensure that your insurances are reviewed to match any changes in your financial situation.

At Mortgage Link we are experts at helping you structure your mortgage to suit, we can negotiate with your lender and most importantly we work with you for the life of the loan to ensure you pay your mortgage in the least possible time, therefore saving you money.

It does not matter if you have dealt with Mortgage Link before – the mortgage advisers at Mortgage Link will be happy to discuss your mortgage and ensure that it fits your situation.

Only a mortgage adviser can offer you this expert advice.

Your bank and other lenders may know a lot about their own options. Having a mortgage adviser that deals with a range of banks and lenders ensures that you can get the best choice.

Choice and expertise are some of the key reasons you should speak to a mortgage adviser from Mortgage Link.

Remember it costs nothing to talk to us!