Want to Buy a Rental Property?

There are a lot of things you need to know when you are considering purchasing a rental property or building a property portfolio.

Some might be:

  • Do I need a deposit or can I leverage off the equity in my existing home?
  • What is the best entity for us to own the property?
  • Should I have the loan interest only or pay principal and interest?
  • How do I structure my loan to take advantage of the current tax laws?

The ability to increase your wealth with tenants paying the mortgage has always been a great way to get the most out of property ownership. Investing in property can also be an excellent superannuation scheme in the right circumstances. Quite often you may not need a deposit to get started as the equity in your home may be enough. There are many ways of structuring your investment lending which needs to be designed for your specific needs. To make sure you make the right decisions and are guided through the complexities of rental investment financing please contact one of our experienced team